Frae the Chair

Greetings Clansfolk,

I hope this finds you well as we inch towards spring. The winter season has been a busy one and I hope that you have all sufficiently recovered from the Winter holidays.

I attended the Toronto Kilt Skate at the end of January and it was a great success. It was wonderful to see so many in tartan on the ice. A lot of interest was expressed by those who were visiting the area, including in particular, a group of exchange students from Brazil. All-in-all, it was a fun afternoon and I look forward to seeing even more participation by our Scottish groups at Nathan Phillip’s Square next year.

Highland Games season is fast approaching. Please support the games by signing up to host your clan or Scottish Society tent. It is an excellent way to gain new members and get your clan name and information out to those interested in their Scottish heritage. If your clan is not able to be represented at the games, CASSOC plans to attend a number of games this summer. We would be happy to represent you and pass on your contact information to any who are interested.

The Executive decided at our AGM in the fall that we would not be hosting a Tartan Day dinner in 2018. It was felt that as an umbrella group, we should not be competing with theTartan Day activities of our members. Please make sure you participate by wearing the tartan on April 6th, or by attending a Tartan Day event in your area.

I would like to welcome Chris MacDougall on board as our new An Drochaid Editor and social media liaison. We are still looking to fill a few positions on our Board of Directors and we welcome your nominations and feedback. We gain strength from your support. The Clans and Scottish Societies of Canada aims to remain a relevant and active group for our members. Your voice, whether it be in terms of suggestions or constructive feedback, is important to us.

Hold Fast,

Karen Macleod McCrimmon

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