Frae the Chair

Greetings Clansfolk,
I hope that this message finds you all well. Here in the Toronto area, we got our white Christmas, but the temperatures, feeling close to -20o for the last week, have put a bit of a damper on spending time in the great outdoors.
The format of our newsletter, An Drochaid, has changed. We have gone completely digital to keep up with modern technology and Jo Ann Tuskin is our interim editor. CASSOC would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to Alene McNeill for all her work on the An Drochaid over the last 20+ years. This newsletter is an anchor for our organization and we are looking for a new editor to continue this quality publication.
We had a very productive general meeting at the end of November and look forward to another eventful year. We continue to look for more members to join our executive family. If you are interested please contact me. Commitment to the executive requires you to attend 2 meetings a year in addition to our general meetings in November and April. Your voice and opinions are important to us.
We are excited to be part of the Sir John A. Macdonald’s National Kilt Skate which is held in 7 cities across Canada in the month of January. CASSOC will be hosting the Toronto Kilt Skate on January 28th and I hope you are able to join us for some skating fun at Nathan Phillips Square.
I look forward to attending some of our member activities in the upcoming year. Please make sure that you visit our website, to see what events are offered by our many members to celebrate our Scottish heritage, whether it is Robbie Burns Day, Tartan Day or a special guest speaker who is in town. If you do not see an event that should be posted, please email our webmaster to make sure it gets included. The CASSOC website is one of the advantages to your group’s membership.
Of special note is the article from Rianna Crawford about the new Youth Initiative. Rowan Gladish (pictured with Rianna and Zachary Wallace) has recently joined CASSOC as the Clan MacLeod representative and spoke at the general meeting in November. At 17, she is an important link to our missing youth and CASSOC is excited to welcome her to the fold. We have also recently learned that Zachary Wallace has climbed the ranks within the Gaelic Society of Toronto. These developments provide some much-needed encouragement for all our groups. Rowan welcomes your thoughts and feedback about the Youth Initiative through
Please feel free to email or contact me at any time. Happy Hogmanay to you all!
Hold Fast,

Karen Macleod McCrimmon

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