Frae the Chair


This month I congratulated a local community member on her 104th birthday. This is someone who was born in 1915, amazingly having lived through all the wonders and wars that have occurred since then. Think of the stories she can and does tell.

Even more amazing it must be when she passes on stories that were told to her as a child. It's quite possible that some of these would have come from someone born before my Gregor ancestors left Edinburgh around the 1850s.

Of course, she herself is telling stories to young ones who quite possibly will carry them into the next century, the 2100s. No technology, no Facebook, no Instagram nor even writing is needed for this.

We are our stories, those we've lived ourselves and those that are shared amongst our forebears, descendants and brethren. It is the wide sharing of stories that weaves us into a community of like-minded spirits.

This is my view of CASSOC's strength and mission. To provide both a means for our Clans and Societies to share their stories with all, and to provide new stories such as arise from our events like the upcoming Kilt Skate.

I'm very grateful for being a part of this sharing as chairperson and editor. I see my role in CASSOC as being most of all a partner amongst friends, family and community. My hand is on the rudder but you, our members, bring the wind that fills the sails.

I close with cheers and best wishes to you, your family and friends as you share with them your stories during this festive season.

Yours Aye,

William Robert Petrie
Chair, Clans and Scottish Societies of Canada