Event Coordinator

To Introduce myself, I am Isabelle Tuskin, spouse of Pat Tuskin (Webmaster) and daughter-in-law to JoAnn Tuskin (Secretary)
I accepted this position to help promote CASSOC by coordinating attendance at Games and helping to organize other events.
So far, with Pat's help, I created a CASSOC binder for use at clan tents during games. The binder was very well received and in use at a few of the clan tents at Fergus and a few other games.
Since the binder was a last minute idea and a trial this past summer, I plan on updating and improving them over the winter and will present a finished binder at the Spring meeting for approval.

For Summer 2018 I am planning on attending several games to represent CASSOC.
I will finalize a list for the Spring Meeting.

If you, as a member, are either hosting or attending an event, please do not hesitate to contact me to inform me of the details.
Yours Aye,

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