Gaelic Society of Toronto

Comunn Gàidhlig Thoronto / The Gaelic Society of Toronto was formed in 1880 to connect Gaelic-speaking persons who had emigrated from the Scottish Highlands and Islands. In 1886, an effort began to organize The Gaelic Society of Toronto and it was formally inaugurated in 1887. We have been in existence since that time. In 1903, we were incorporated as "The Gaelic Society of Canada," with a still more extended field of operation. In 1940, the name of the Society was changed back to “The Gaelic Society of Toronto."

The Gaelic Society of Toronto was formed with the goal of keeping alive a knowledge of the Gaelic language and culture and connecting Gaelic-speaking people in Toronto and surrounding areas. Throughout the changes in its structure over the years, the Society continues to support and sustain Gaelic language, history, culture and community in various ways, either through the direct activities of the Society or by supporting the efforts of others who also seek to sustain and promote the Gaelic language and culture.

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