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With the support of, and input from, the Clan MacLeod Societies of Canada (CMSC), I have designed, and registered with The Scottish Register of Tartans ( a new tartan called "Clan MacLeod Societies of Canada" (December 15, 2014, under #11191).

Here is the rationale for the choice of colours:
1. The background is a large grid or base of red and white, being Canada's National colours (most notably in the Canadian "Maple Leaf" flag);
2. Another symbol of Canada is the maple leaf, and it's fall colours, mixing green, red and yellow. Those colours have been included;
3. The three main tartans of the Clan MacLeod are predominantly green/blue (Harris), black/yellow (Lewis) and black/red (Ramsay). One set of crossing lines is black and yellow and the other set is green and blue, which, with the red background, pick up all those colours.
4. The tartan is intentionally bright - reflecting our outlooks as MacLeods and Canadians.

Ian C. MacLeod

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