Clan MacRae Society of Canada

 CREST: A dexter hand grasping a sword, all proper.

MOTTO: Fortitudine (With fortitude)

Crae, Cree, Macara, Macarra, Maccra, Maccrath, Maccrae, Maccraith, Maccraw, Maccray, Maccrea, Maccreath, Maccree, Maccrie, Mackereth, Macrath, Maccroy, Macgrath, Macgraw, Machray, Macra, Macrae, Macraith, Macrach, Macraw, Macray, Macrie, Rae, Raith, Ray, Rea, and Reath.

A Short History:
Clan MacRae Society of Canada was formed while on a trip to Scotland in 2000. The society started with 6 people and who organized the Board and it has been active in Scottish activities since. We are an armigerous clan and have been active socially holding an AGM every year somewhere in Canada. The MacRae Clan of Canada just started to work on Genealogy in Canada a few years ago, therefore we are not as far advanced as many Clans. The Clan DNA project is growing and our members have made many connections along the way. I urge those trying to find family to submit your DNA to Family Tree DNA and the Clan Macrae project. We are now busy planning for our future Festivals and Highland Games. When you find out info tent, stop by for a chat or just to say “Hi”

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