The Stewart Society, Edinburgh,
Ontario Branch

CREST: A pelican Argent, winged Or, in her nest feeding her young, Proper.

MOTTO: Virescit vulnere virtus, Courage grows strong at a wound

Septs: The following names are considered septs of the Clan Stewart and its branches:
Stewart: Boyd, Denniston, France, Francis, Lennox, Lisle, Lombard, Lyle, Mentieth, Moodie, Stuart, Young.
Stewart of Atholl: Conacher, Crookshank(s), Crui(c)kshank(s), Duilach, Garrow, Gray, Larnach, MacGarrow, MacGlashan
Stewart of Appin: Carmichael, Clay, Combich, Combie, Conlay, Donlevy, Leay, Levac, Livingston(e), Lorne, MacColl, MacCombe, McCombich, MacDonLeavy, MacLeay, MacLew, MacMichael, MacNairn, MacNucator, MacRob, Mitchell, Mitchelson, Robb, Walker
Stewart of Galloway: Carmichael, MacMichael

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